Ontario Health IT Conference

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Canadian College of Health Leaders


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Toronto Congress Centre  |  Thursday, October 3rd, 2019

Please determine which category below best describes you.
*Please note that companies/organizations who are exhibiting will be provided with a separate staff pre-registration form for.

Hosted guest registration form.
Please use this option if you fit one of the following purchaser/influencer categories.

  • Healthcare provider organization where patient care takes place. (i.e. a hospital, health system organization, medical clinic, doctor office, or similar workplace)
  • Medical college or medical university in their IT department and we are located in the region where this conference takes place
  • Local government in a health IT related job position

Paying guest registration - $300 CAD (convert to USD)
Please use this option if you fit one of the following categories.

  • Health IT related company that sells products or provides services
  • Consultant company
  • Professors, assistant professors, students, and those not currently employed